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 Genghis Khan

Examine the history of the mongol empire as Genghis Khan united the tribes on his way to conquor most of the world

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  Mongol History (23)  

Genghis Khan

Examine the history of the mongol empire as Genghis Khan united the tribes on his way to conquor most of the world

Mongol History

Pastoral Life In Asia
Four different modes of life enumerated.--Northern and southern climes.--Animal food in arctic regions.--Tropical regions.--Appetite ...

The Monguls
Monguls.--Origin of the name.--A Mongul family.--Their occupations.--Animals of the Monguls.--Their towns and villages.--Mode of buil...

Yezonkai Khan
1163-1175 Yezonkai Behadr.--Orthography of Mongul names.--Great diversities.--Yezonkai's power.--A successful warrior.--Katay.--The...

The First Battle
1175 Temujin's accession.--Discontent.--Taychot and Chamuka.--Arrangements for the battle.--Temujin's ardor.--Porgie.--Exaggerated ...

Vang Khan
1175 Karakatay.--Vang Khan's dominions.--The cruel fate of Mergus.--His wife's stratagem.--Nawr.--He falls into the snare.--Armed m...

Temujin In Exile
1182 Temujin's popularity.--Rivals and enemies appear.--Plots.--Yemuka--Wisulujine.--Yemuka's disappointment.--His rage.--Conspira...

Rupture With Vang Khan
1182-1202 Erkekara.--State of the country.--Wandering habits.--Yemuka.--Sankum.--Yemuka's intrigues with Sankum.--Deceit.--Temujin...

Progress Of The Quarrel
1202 The ambuscade.--The wood and the brook.--The guard left behind.--Arrival of Vang Khan's army.--False hopes.--Assault upon the...

The Death Of Vang Khan
1202 A council called.--Mankerule.--Debates.--Temujin made general-in-chief.--He distributes rewards.--Reward of the two slaves.--...

The Death Of Yemuka
1202-1203 The victory complete.--Exaggeration.--The plunder.--Great accession.--The khans submit.--Sankum and Yemuka.--Hakembu and ...

Establishment Of The Empire
1203 Plans for the formation of a government.--His court at Karakorom.--Embassadors.--Temujin forms a constitution.--Election of k...

Dominions Of Genghis Khan
1203 Karakorom.--Insignificance of cities and towns.--Account of Karakorom.--The buildings.--The grand encampments.--Construction ...

Adventures Of Prince Kushluk
1203-1208 Kushluk's escape.--Tukta Bey.--Kashin.--Temujin pursues Tukta Bey and Kushluk.--Retreat to Boyrak's country.----The vario...

1208 Idikut.--The old system of farming revenues.--Evils of farming the revenue.--Modern system.--Disinterested collectors.--Indepe...

The Story Of Hujaku
1211 China.--The Chinese wall.--The frontier.--Outside the wall.--Origin of the quarrel with the Chinese.--Yong-tsi.--Genghis Khan'...

Conquests In China
1211-1216 War continued.--Rich and fertile country.--Grand invasion.--Simultaneous attack by four armies.--Enthusiasm of the troops...

The Sultan Mohammed
1217 Mohammedan countries on the west.--Sultan Mohammed.--Karazm.--Proposed embassy.--Makinut and his suite.--Speech of the embassa...

The War With The Sultan
1217-1218 Marshaling of the army.--Arms and armor.--Provision for contingencies.--The army commences its march.--Jughi's division....

The Fall Of Bokhara
1218-1219 Description of the town Bokhara.--Zarnuk.--An immediate surrender.--Nur.--Fate of Nur.--The siege of Bokhara commenced.--...

Battles And Sieges
1219-1220 Continuation of the war.--Saganak.--Hassan.--The murdered embassador.--Jughi's revenge.--Jughi's general policy.--Account...

Death Of The Sultan
1220 Pursuit of the sultan.--The two ladies.--Character of the queen-mother.--Khatun.--Her retirement.--Samarcand.--Fortifications ...

Victorious Campaigns
1220-1221 Continued conquests.--Efforts of Jalaloddin.--Jalaloddin becomes discouraged.--The governor's advice.--Renewed exertions...

Grand Celebrations
1221-1224 The great hunting party.--Object of the hunt.--The general plan.--The time arrives.--Orders.--Progress of the operations....




  Mongol History  

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Genghis Khan
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