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What Is The Human Aura? What do the different colors represent?

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What Is The Human Aura? What do the different colors represent?


What Is The Human Aura?
The above question is frequently asked the student of occultism by some one who has heard the term but who is unfamiliar with its me...

The Prana-aura
Many writers on the subject of the human aura content themselves with a description of the colors of the mental or emotional aura, a...

The Astral Colors
The term "astral," so frequently employed by all occultists, is difficult to explain or define except to those who have pursued a r...

Key To The Astral Colors
RED. Red represents the physical phase of mentality. That is to say, it stands for that part of the mental activities which are concer...

The Astral Colors 2
Remembering, always, the significance of the three primary colors on the astral plane, let us consider the meaning of the combi...

The Auric Kaleidoscope
As we have seen, the human aura is never in a state of absolute rest or quiet. Motion and change is ever manifested by it. It has it...

Thought Forms
That interesting phase of occult phenomena, known as "thought forms," is so closely related to the general subject of the human aura...

Psychic Influence Of Colors
In all of Nature's wonderful processes we find many evidences of that great principle of Action and Reaction, which, like the forwar...

Auric Magnetism
The phenomenon of human magnetism is too well recognized by the general public, to require argument at this time. Let the scientists...

Table Of Healing Colors
Nervous System-- Cooling and soothing: Shades of violet, lavender, etc. Resting and invigorating effect: Grass greens. Inspiri...

Developing The Aura
When it is remembered that the aura of the individual affects and influences other persons with whom he comes in contact--and is, in...

The Protective Aura
Among the very oldest of the teachings of occultism, we find instructions regarding the building up and maintenance of the protectiv...

The Great Auric Circle
But no occult instruction on this subject would be complete without a reference to the Great Auric Circle of Protection, which is a sh...


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