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Misc Sites

Find various sites with unique and interesting topics.

World Maps [More Info on World]
Countries, Cities, Regions informational database.

Military Training [More Info on Military]
Basic Training Manuals dealing with lifestyle associated with training.

Siouan [More Info on]
This is a place you can learn about Siouan cultural tribes, get an understanding of the basic alphabet and discover the rich history.

Clovers [More Info on]
Learn about Clovers and how to grow and harvest them.

Xlf [More Info on]
Samurai and Code of Honor.

Pigment [More Info on]
Learn about light, colours and the science of Chromatography.

Dyeing [More Info on]
Learn how to dye different types of fabrics

Martyrs [More Info on]
Find information on the famous martyrs throughout the history of the world

Href [More Info on]
Home of the URL or web link A store house of various tools dealing with links, text and everything in between.

Car Price Guide [More Info on Car Price]
Compare prices on different car makes and models

Auras [More Info on]
What Is The Human Aura? What do the different colors represent?

Yrd [More Info on]
Find a collection of facts, otherwise known as Things Worth Knowing

Feries [More Info on]
informative website studying the principles of handwriting analysis

Auto Suggestion [More Info on Auto]
practical informations and guides on self hypnosis and auto suggesting.

Sustainable Farming [More Info on Sustainable]
. Find Information on sustainable farming and agricultural practices.

Smoke Free Places [More Info on Smoke Free]
Information on the smokee free act

Left Hand [More Info on Left]
Take the left handed quick quiz.

Inconsiderate [More Info on]
Find stories of inconsiderate people throughout history. These characters are rude, frauds, mean and sometimes crooks.

Fogs [More Info on]
Learn about weather from a world and scentific point of view. Extreme storms, mild rain, blisting sun and whipping wind are all elements of weather. Discover how they work.

Wine Cultivation [More Info on Wine]
Discover how to cultivate grapes and find tips on growing under different soil / weather conditions

Insane Asylum [More Info on Insane]
Find real rules and staffing procedures found in mental asylums or insane asylums.

Emigrants [More Info on]
explore the largely untold story of the emigrants who came to Canada to settle. Explore the Canadian emigrant's perspective as they leave their homeland and settle this large mass of land.

Wedding Stories [More Info on Wedding]
Find information on celebrities marriages, which marriages lasted and which ones failed


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