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informative website studying the principles of handwriting analysis

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informative website studying the principles of handwriting analysis


The Principles Of Handwriting Analysis
The principle on which experts claim to be able to detect variations and to differentiate between handwritings is based on the well-...

Measurement And Its Appliances
The appliances necessary for the work of examination are, a good magnifying or reading glass of the greatest power obtainable, a pai...

In order to render the description of a writing perfectly clear, a system of terminology is adopted...

Classes Of Handwriting
For convenience in differentiation, handwritings are divided into the following classes. Practically every type of writing can be pl...

How To Examine A Writing
The examination of a writing generally consists in making a careful comparison between it and another or others, the object being to...

The Alphabet In Detail
If the instructions so far given have been acted upon, the student will have familiarised himself w...

The Capitals
Owing to their large size and more complex form the capital letters offer much more material for tests than the smalls. They yield m...

The ampersand (&) is a symbol that provides excellent material for clues to tricks and mannerisms. It varies in form from a mere _v_...

Paper And Watermarks
The brownish tint of old age which paper needs to help out a fraud is obtained in various ways--sometimes by steeping in a weak solu...

Examination for determining whether a writing has been done at one time, or added to later, necessitates some acquaintance with the ...

The alteration of the figures and amount written on a cheque is generally effected by erasure. At one time chemicals were used for t...

Pencils And Stylographs
It is obvious that writing executed with a pencil or the now much-used stylograph will differ in many respects from that performed b...

Anonymous Letters And Disguised Hands
That mischievous and cowardly form of secret attack, the anonymous letter, demands, unfortunately, a large amount of attention from ...

Forged Literary Autographs
The collection of autographs, letters, and documents of literary and historical interest has for many years been a prominent feature...

Forged Signatures
The most difficult phase of the art of the handwriting expert consists in the detection of forgery in signatures. It will be obvious...

The Expert In The Witness-box
When the expert has been called upon to give an opinion upon the genuineness of writings he embodies his conclusions in a report of ...

Handwriting And Expression
No work dealing with the study of handwriting would be complete unless it recognised that phase of it which touches on the delineati...





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